As certified water distribution and treatment operators, and wastewater treatment operators, we provide waterworks operations, contractor support services for facility startup and technical consultation, engineering consultation and support services, regulatory compliance services for the industrial, public and private sectors, community and district management support services, winery support services, agricultural and dairy support services, energy and drilling support services, safety practices, and operator supervision and certification education.

Whether you are looking for a contract operator for complete operation of your water or wastewater project, or system, or supervision and training of your employees, Aqua Operations, Inc., can evaluate your needs and provide a comprehensive plan for reaching your goals, and achieving, or maintaining regulatory compliance. Through our extensive educational programs in water treatment, water distribution, and wastewater technology topics, either on-site workshops, or our online classes, and educational material by mail, you will receive a comprehensive basis for achieving, maintaining, or advancing operator certification. Our programs are structured for multiple participants in a classroom setting, or by our online webinars for individuals who desire to learn at their own pace.

The water industry is a science , and reaching, or maintaining regulatory compliance of your facility is Aqua Operations, Inc.’s, primary objective. Our expertise in managing your facility’s scientific data for compliance monitoring, and reporting is second to none. Through microbiology, we can assess your process and treatment needs, and work toward compliance of your discharge, or distribution. Our staff includes an expert microbiologist specializing in activated sludge and sequencing batch reactor wastewater technology, and is available to consult with both municipal and public utilities, as well as the private sector.

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