California Wastewater Operator Certification Exam Review

Jack LopezOn March 9, 2013 and March 23, 2013 the Golden Empire CWEA section hosted two review sessions by two CA State Water Boards Grade 5 Operators – Mike Popichak of Aqua Operations and Dale Ducharme of Veolia Water.

Handouts that were provided during these sessions were top notch. Each person that attended got to work out and solve key math problems similar to those on CA State Water Boards Operator Certification exams.

Mike and Dale did an excellent job in getting the student to analyze the questions thoroughly before obtaining the correct answers.

I would recommend this course to anyone preparing for their CA State Water Board Operator Certification exam. In addition, I passed my Grade 1 SWRCB Operator Certification Exam earlier this year.

Jack Lopez
Water Pre Treatment Plant Manager
Marquez Brothers, Intl.
Hanford, CA